Table of Contents for Tales of the Talisman Volume 5, Issue 4

  • The Fifth Verse
    Story by F.T. McKinstry
    Illustration by Erika McGinnis
  • Take Wing
    Poem by Louise Webster
  • Garden of Phantom Delights
    Poem by Dan Crawford
  • Arms of the Horseman
    Story by Billy Wong
    Illustration by Laura Givens
  • Winter Solstice: Three of Seven
    Poem by N.E. Taylor
  • The Mark of the Dragon
    Story by Henrik Ramsager
    Illustration by Laura Givens
  • Kinsman of the Dragon
    Poem by Mary Enck
  • The Space at the Bottom of Martin Oglesby's Desk Drawer
    Story by John Bruni
    Illustration by Laura Givens

  • Sleeping Beauty's Court
    Poem by K.S. Hardy
  • B-Movie
    Story by G. O. Clark
    Illustration by Jag Lall
  • That There Crow
    Poem by Neal Wilgus
    Illustration by Filomeno Martinez
  • Pimpin' It
    Story by Iron Dave Byron
    Illustration by Joshua Stewart
  • The Sigil of Komashin
    Story by Simon Bleaken
    Illustration by Leila del Duca
  • Vampire
    Poem by Stephanie Stahl
  • A Witch's Worst Enemy
    Story by Robert Essig
    Illustration by Paul Niemiec
  • Specter
    Poem by Anna Sykora
  • The Boy With Too Much Hair
    Story by Jim Hitt
    Illustration by Laura Givens
  • Freeing the Me
    Poem by Sharon M. White
  • The Rainbow Roller Coaster Double Scream Launch
    Story by Gary Every
    Illustration by Andrew Caroll
  • Calisto
    Poem by Joanne Tolson
  • Bittersweet Escape
    Story by Kurt MacPhearson & Rick Yennik
    Illustration by Tom Kelly
  • I Still Believe All Flame is Brittle
    Poem by Simon Perchik
  • A Place Between
    Poem by Richard Sears
  • The Furor
    Story by Tyree Campbell
    Illustration by Neil T. Foster
  • Book Reviews
    Reviews by Christine Norris, David Lee Summers, Shawn Oetzel, Kurt MacPhearson, and Anthony G. Bernstein
  • About the Contributors