Table of Contents for Tales of the Talisman Volume 6, Issue 3

  • The Muffin Man
    Story by Mike Brines
    Illustration by Aaron Bir
  • Play
    Poem by Alessio Zanelli
  • The Softness of Sealskin
    Story by Kristen Davis
    Illustration by Miranda Jean
  • The Prophet of Perim
    Story by Lee Clark Zumpe
    Illustration by Jim Collins
  • Zeppelin Madness
    Poem by Gary Every
  • Gratitude
    Story by C.J. Henderson
    Illustration by Erika McGinnis
  • Prisoners of the Royal Weather
    Poem by Bruce Boston
  • Three Squares and Nine Pegs
    Story by William E. Curry
    Illustration by Jag Lall
  • Back Porch
    Poem by Marge Simon
  • Full English Breakfast or Vegetarian
    Poem by Jack Horne
  • Necronomicon
    Poem by Michael D. Turner
  • One Way Trip for the Damned
    Story by Giovanna Lagana
    Illustration by Morland Gonsoulin
  • The Rim of Sorrows
    Story by Terrie Leigh Relf
    Illustration by Tom Kelly
  • Dear Cthulhu
    Column by Patrick Thomas
  • Collapsing the Wave Function
    Poem by Karin L. Frank
  • Humanity
    Story by Glynn Owen Barrass
    Illustration by Teresa Tunaley
  • Eight Bar Blues and You Ain't Goin' Home
    Story by Wayne Faust
    Illustration by Neil T. Foster
  • No limits, an event from 3 perspectives
    Poem by W. Gregory Stewart &
    David C. Kopaska-Merkel
  • The Great Mars-a-Go-Go Mexican Standoff
    Story by Ernest Hogan
    Illustration by Paul Niemiec
  • Book Reviews
    Reviews by Kurt MacPhearson, Shawn Oetzel,
    Christine Norris and David Lee Summers
  • About the Contributors