Table of Contents for Tales of the Talisman Volume 6, Issue 4

  • The Dark Stranger
    Story by Chris Nardone
    Illustration by Russell Morgan
  • idiointerventionist
    Poem by W. Gregory Stewart
  • Get the Door for Me, Will You, Edgar?
    Story by Ken Goldman
    Illustration by Laura Givens
  • Fabulous Find
    Poem by Storydancer
  • Grumpy Old Vampires
    Story by Judith Herman
    Illustration by Russell Morgan
  • Permission Denied
    Poem by Neal Wilgus
  • King of the Sea
    Story by G.O. Clark
    Illustration by Paul Niemiec
  • Blood Bank
    Poem by Neal Wilgus
  • Dear Cthulhu
    Column by Patrick Thomas
  • Rime of the Last Wurm
    Story by Lee Clark Zumpe
    Illustration by Tom Kelly
  • The Magician Boy's Cat
    Poem by Kristen Roahrig
  • The Woodpecker's Roar
    Story by Gary Every
    Illustration by Neil T. Foster

  • Ode to the James Gang
    Poem by Wayne James

  • Honeybread
    Story by Carma Lynn Park
    Illustration by Jag Lall

  • Deity Singing
    Poem by Lida Broadhurst

  • Meadow Fairies
    Poem by Louise Webster

  • Dragon Favors
    Story by Douglas Empringham
    Illustration by Miranda Jean
  • The Plumbing Hex Incident
    Story by Mira Domsky
    Illustration by Aaron Bir
  • The First Surprise of the Day
    Poem by Brock Marie Moore
  • Doctor Culpeper's Service
    Story by Henrik Ramsager
    Illustration by Paul Niemiec
  • Nautilus
    Poem by W.C. Roberts
  • Tuesday Night
    Story by Jeffrey B. Burton
    Illustration by Teresa Tunaley
  • So long, trilobites
    Poem by Lee Clark Zumpe
  • Remember
    Story by Bonnie McDaniel
    Illustration by Erika McGinnis
  • The Reductionist
    Poem by Edward Cox
  • Book Reviews
    Reviews by David Lee Summers, Jim Lee, and Shawn Oetzel
  • About the Contributors