Table of Contents for Tales of the Talisman Volume 8, Issue 2

  • Wasteland
    Story by Chris Nardone
    Illustration by Tom Kelly
  • How Could Her Palms Not Be Wet
    Poem by Lyn Lifshin
  • El Hombre vrs. the Zombie Queen    
    Story by Bryan Bullock
    Illustration by Paul Niemiec
  • The Shaman
    Poem by Louise Webster
  • The Corporate Spirit
    Story by Judith Herman
    Illustration by Teresa Tunaley
  • The Lover's Return
    Poem by Rodney Wilder
  • Defector
    Story by Lee Clark Zumpe
    Illustration by Tom Kelly
  • Black Hunger
    Poem by W.C. Roberts
  • Dear Cthulhu
    Column by Patrick Thomas
  • A Silver Anniversary
    Story by Nicholas E. Efstathiou
    Illustration by Erika McGinnis
  • Confession of a Water Nymph
    Poem by K.S. Hardy
  • The Plains of the Dreym
    Story by Simon Bleaken
    Illustration by Neil T. Foster
  • In the Footsteps of the Beast
    Poem by N.E. Taylor
  • I Sodbust a Daddy
    Story by Mike Sheedy
    Illustration by Laura Givens
  • Ghost Harem
    Poem by John Grey
  • Tumbling Tumbleweeds
    Story by Dana Bell
    Illustration by Paul Niemiec
  • Flesh lament
    Poem by Brock Marie Moore
  • The Tombstone in the Field
    Poem by Lee Clark Zumpe
  • Bloodletter’s Anonymous
    Story by M.E. Brines
    Illustration by Jim Collins
  • The Tooth
    Story by C.J. Killmer
    Illustration by Jag Lall
  • La Bête de Gévaudan
    Poem by Raymond H.V. Gallucci
  • Fire for Hire
    Story by Audra Brown
    Illustration by Teresa Tunaley
  • In the Cellar
    Story by Fuson
    Illustration by Laura Givens
  • Devil Woman
    Poem by Jim Lee
  • Thief Unaware
    Poem by L.B. Sedlacek
  • Hora Somni
    Story by Aurelio Rico Lopez III
    Illustration by Morland Gonsoulin
  • New World
    Poem by Aurelio Rico Lopez III
  • Book Reviews
    Reviews by Shawn Oetzel
  • About the Contributors