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Tales of the Talisman, Volume 10, Issue 2

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  • Explore the worlds of Mad Science with Tales of the Talisman!

    The Large Hadron Collider provides scientists an opportunity to test predictions made by particle and high-energy physics. Lee Clark Zumpe shows us what could happen if an elder god chose to use it as a gateway.

    Charles Chapman and David Van Houten imagine scientists building an artificial heart in the nineteenth century to pulse-pounding and maddening effect.

    In the future, the wealthy might have the ability to reenact the space flights of the 60s. Mike Wilson shows us that such games are not without peril.

    Erin K. Wagner asks what would have happened if Thomas Edison had used his inventions to summon the dead.

    Indulge your weird scientific curiosity with these and other stories in this issue of Tales of the Talisman!

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