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Tales of the Talisman, Volume 2, Issue 2

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  • There be monsters here! In this issue of Tales of the Talisman you will meet an evil sorceress who is so power hungry she will stop at nothing to rule a kingdom -- even if it means murdering her husband and stepdaughter. You will meet the finest weaver in the land who knows a dark secret about it's most famous ruler. Traveling from the past to the present, you will discover what happens to pottery dealers who cheat Native Americans and you'll join two boys as they find a monster in the meadow. Finally, you'll travel to the future where you'll meet both gunrunners and a new "breed" of pet that is guaranteed to be your constant companion. Featuring fantasy, science fiction and horror by Richard Harland, Tyree Campbell, Frances Robertson, Nicole Givens Kurtz and many more!

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