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Tales of the Talisman, Volume 4, Issue 4

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  • Ah, springtime! It's the time when a young person's thoughts often turn to romance and we're no different here at Tales of the Talisman. It's just that our romantic musings take a somewhat fantastic turn. Join us as Michael D. Turner introduces us to two lonely space farers who rescue a pair of stranded lasses. The only question is, just how long ago were they stranded? Lee Clark Zumpe introduces us to a couple who must try to work things out in spite of the surprisingly strong pull from a mysterious house. Mike Allen tells the tale of a couple who face a world that is changing in strange and gruesome ways. Even as the air warms this spring, we'll bring you a new tale of Jack Frost. Accompanying him will be dragons, unicorns and sinister aliens. Please join us for another exciting issue of Tales of the Talisman!

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