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Tales of the Talisman, Volume 5, Issue 1

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  • This summer we present an action-packed issue of Tales of Talisman. W.A. Hoffman tells us the story of a warrior who finds himself fulfilling two apparently contradictory prophesies. F.T. McKinstry introduces us to an orphaned girl on the threshold of womanhood who inherits a splendid, mysterious garden from three generations of wisewomen. When a roguish wizard attempt to impress her, she must turn to the old powers for help. Summer is often the time to get in your car and get away from it all. However, high gas prices may not be all you have to fear on the road as Ken Goldman and Dawn Colclasure show us in their stories. You might choose to forego the car and take a walk on a pleasant summer evening when the stars are shining. Rick Novy tells us such a story and reminds us to pack a pressure suit, especially if the walk will be outside your spaceship. Join us as Tales of the Talisman begins its fifth exciting year!

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