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Tales of the Talisman, Volume 7, Issue 4

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  • This spring, return to the age of steam with Tales of the Talisman. M.E. Brines transports us to the Western Front during the Great War when British solidiers must confront a new German menace—a giant, steam-powered German soldier. Jonathan Self introduces us to Albion, a secret agent for the Empire. What happens when agents from the other side discover her true identity and threaten her family? Douglas Empringham takes us to the distant past and shows us a clockwork marvel, an amazing dancing doll. Our own art director Laura Givens takes us to San Francisco where Chin Song Ping must find a wedding dress for his beloved or else the world will end. He would have a much easier time if not for the tongs, Teddy Roosevelt and the dragons! These and other stories and poems await you in the special steampunk issue of Tales of the Talisman!

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