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Welcome to our serial audio page, where we present audio books written by Tales of the Talisman contributors. Each of these books may be downloaded for free from Podiobooks.com. When you click on the link next to the book cover, or on the book cover itself, you will be taken to the book's page at Podiobooks.com where each chapter may be downloaded in mp3 format. RSS-feed subscriptions are also available.

Prophecy of Swords by M.H. Bonham

  • Listen to Prophecy of Swords for free at Podiobooks.com
  • To End A War... Nearly a thousand years ago a great warrior named Lachlan sought to unify his people, using the power of the Three Swords of Destiny. Before his victory, Lachlan was killed by his trusted friend, Allarun. Now, Allarun is still in power but haunted by dreams of Lachlan's death curse: that Lachlan would return to avenge his death. Allarun's decision is to destroy the very people Lachlan tried to unite. Only two men have the power to stop the slaughter. Romarin, the last of a line of kings, and a half-blood mercenary named Shadowhelm. One may be destined to be Lachlan, but can they unlock the secret to Lachlan's power before Allarun kills them?

    Spherical Tomi: A Novel of Despair by Jack Mangan

  • Listen to Spherical Tomi: A Novel of Despair for free at Podiobooks.com
  • A top-secret AI project.

    A deadly power struggle between warlords.

    Tomi was once lead combat programmer for the Shogun Ryogi, on the front lines of his conflict against President William the Black of Cerberus. When she failed to prevent William from killing the samurai she loved, she abandoned all sides, all loyalties, all hope. In her fury, Tomi destroyed the Greatship, Hades IV, and almost everyone onboard. Almost everyone. . .
    William the Black escaped with his life.

    She now hides out in a remote monastery, awaiting the day when she can kill the three she holds responsible for the death of her samurai: William, Ryogi, and herself. . .

    With her real body in exile, Tomi's consciousness inhabits a deteriorating clone body on a satellite around Cerberus. She's lived and worked incognito in orbit for almost three years now, monitoring the planet's subspace debris cleanup.

    But some histories will not stay buried.

    Tomi again finds herself in the crossfire when Ryogi's forces ambush the Presidential shuttle in her sector.

    Ryogi's samurai have pirated remote control of her satellite's store of dormant clone bodies; his combat programmers fight her for the station's computers, while the planet's extrasphere swarms with deadly smart-mines. Will she be able to protect the President's shuttle to secure her own vengeance? Will she be able to hold her satellite together? Or will Tomi abandon it all and give in to despair?

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